Unsplash: Tomoe Steineck, River, Switzerland

Dynamic multi-step replication of Alpine Spring Water’s purity, quality and taste. A simple mineralization such as adding Calcium and Magnesium is just not enough. Minerals and trace minerals have to be added in the right amount in order to polish and shape the water into the correct quality. Firstly, the correct minerals added deliver the basis for the water to be properly conditioned. Further steps follow including a comprehensive series of mechanical movements and adjustments. This happens through intermittently changing pressures in specifically coated tanks and pipes. Next, treatment with UV and IR light as well magnets help shape the water from macromolecule clusters (i.e. 12 ~ 20 water molecules) to smaller molecule clustered water (i.e. 5 ~ 8 water molecules). This creates the basis for a water with a unique taste and quality.

Replication of
Alpine Water

Creating the basis for a water with the taste and quality of Swiss alpine water. Our technology works within existing water production factory settings. In a first step we test the filtered or distilled water for its purity. To condition the water with a unique taste and quality, an additional polishing step is often needed. We further test the water and adapt cleaning and polishing steps as necessary. This water is then fed to our unique water conditioner system.

The actual water reconditioning takes place in our proprietary plug-in units. Depending on the amounts to be reconditioned, we have one single unit that can be autonomously operated or the units can be stacked for larger scale production with a finishing step, i.e. bottling and packaging. The unit shown above is illustrative only and the final unit’s size and design will depend on the water source and volumes required as well as the space available for installation. Our units are highly customizable or modular, depending only on the needs of our customer.



In order to get the best results, the standard of the input water has to be controlled. We have engineered a fast process to analyze the water in large bulk quantities through a real-time spectrometer which feeds data to the control unit. These results then induce a further polishing step if required, and is controlled by further testing cycles.

Our water systems are managed by our proprietary on-board control unit which is AI enabled, meaning that the way the system works is through a self-learning and self-calibrating process, actively managing the water parameters in such a way that it creates the desired water taste and quality. Our system is called dynamically active.