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Hydroactive created to consolidate many years of research & development Hydroactive was formed in Zurich in December 2020 with the purpose of developing technology to allow any local water source to be up-scaled to Swiss alpine water quality and taste. Hydroactive builds upon many years of research and development undertaken by scientists and professionals in other Swiss companies and universities around the world. Hydroactive’s goal is to make Swiss alpine water available for everyone, bringing with it health and wellness advantages.

Asia home to largest land areas at high risk of pesticide pollution

Launch of UN World Water Development Report 2021: determining the true value of the “blue gold” we need to protect.

In 2017, 71% of the global population (5.3 billion people) used a safely managed drinking-water service – that is, one located on premises, available when needed, and free from contamination.

The federal government has still not set limits for PFAS compounds, and some allege that could be because it is a polluter of them itself

There could be lead in your tap water. There could be PFAS in your bottled water. Microplastics might be in both. Do you choose neurotoxic heavy metals or carcinogenic “forever chemicals”?